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GMOs Are Safe. Why label them?

As I have grew up the agricultural industry I have noticed some of the misconceptions and ignorances that spike up and give it a negative connotation. One so happens to be the production and consumption of GMO grown foods.

There have been many claims out there about cancer and health risks but none have been credibly proven to this very date.

"Some may ask why do you have to grow GMO crops if you don't have too."

Well it comes down to two major things. Farming profitability and adequete global food production. GMOs allow farmers to grow 200 bushel/acre corn whereas seeds that arn't genetically modified to be the most efficient plant yield sub 100 bushel/acre. And trust me if every farm could only grow 100 bushel/acre corn there would be an exteme food shortage real fast. Secondly, farmers would not be able to profit only growing GMO crops as input, input application, machinery needed, and many various other costs cause a huge "switching cost" to there operation.

Overall, I am still puzzled why these products are labeled negatively. If anything I believe that they should be labeled positively as these foods are much more nutient packed than its non-gmo counterpart. I, myself, will continue to grow and consumer GMO foods until the elite businesses of today continue to suck this artificial specialty market of "non-GMO" food products dry. And then I will say told you so!

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