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My Story.....DO WHAT YOU LOVE!

To simply put it I'm a country kid who grew up on a family farm in hillbilly Missouri. Growing up I never knew what career path I wanted to follow and as I got into college I felt kind of stuck. Like "Am I spending all of this money for nothing?". Or "What the heck am I gonna do once I get my degree."

I tried multiple internships throughout this time and finally one clicked! Grain Merchandising! I have always had great interest in the equity and commodity markets and to be a crucial part of the nations food supply chain is something that extremely intrigued me. I love communicating with producers, solving problems in the local markets, and always finding something new to learn.

After college I worked for a commercial grain firm for a few years and am now moved back to my hometown to work for a local elevator which also allows me to farm on the side with my father. The number one thing I recommend all young professionals no matter the industry - Move far away and work/learn a trade or career field you enjoy. Time is limited and gaining unique perspectives and one of a kind experiences is crucial in career devolopment. I am not saying I was perfect. But from going from the lost phase I was a short few years ago to where I am now is a true blessing that God guided me on.

Check out some of my recent pic of the crop year!

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