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The Vegan Cult

How many of you all have came across the vegan individual who claims the million health benefits of eating a plant-based diet by also shoving down your throat the mass amount of cruelty and harm to the environment that consuming animal meat products causes?

I have not come across any individuals in real life but this kind of thought process and attitude towards the modern diet is evident and obviously being highly promoted online and urban/metropolis areas. I know this firsthand from friends of mine who live in the Chicago and St. Louis areas. If our rural American society folds and falls to this false marketing our food production and health will be at great long-term risk.

To start, is a vegan diet healthy…? Not at all! Nearly all profound scientists and food and nutrient specialists have discovered that leading a diet that entirely restricts any consumption of animal products will likely result in deficiencies of B12, Omega-3, calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, and protein. These deficiencies have direct correlation with increased risks of cancer, stroke, and bone fractures according to Saint Luke’s Health System in Kansas City. The hyped up “healthy” tone of a vegan lifestyle is highly false and needs reconsidered. Yes, there are many benefits of eating vegetables but not acquiring enough other nutrients in your diet puts your long-term health at serious risk. In my opinion I believe that a lot of this is marketing based and pushed upon us by elite individuals who have significant investments in the plant-based food space.

As for the environment and animal cruelty, this is nonissue that’s a waste of time talking about. Beef cattle only account for 2% of the total emissions in the United States. Even if you do believe in the so called “Climate Change”, it doesn’t look like raising cattle is a significant problem of hinderance to the environment. If anything, I would see 2% as a low number as to producing food is an extremely vital part of our society.

Overall, this is a ridiculous theme that society is pushing in today’s time. Hopefully we do not fall for this trap that corporate America has laid out for us to fall in. Have a great start to your new year!


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